Coinjoin made easier and better.

Nostr relays are used to coordinate in joinstr. Participants can also use multiple relays.

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  • Decentralized
  • Better UI/UX
  • Nostr relays used for coordination
  • Custom pool amounts and number of participants
  • Easy to implement in different wallets
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How Does It Work?


Step 2. Select one UTXO

Choose the Output (UTXO) you wish to include in the CoinJoin.

Step 3. Wait for other participants

Once joinstr client initiates the process, you will be notified about each step.

Step 4. Get coinjoined UTXO in the end

When completed, you will see the coinjoin transaction ID and other details.

Step 1. Define joinstr Settings

Configure different options. This includes setting up wallet, RPC access, nostr relay, denomination, number of peers etc.

People Loving it

I like the small codebase and electrum plugin. The project really is wonderful overall.

... decentralized solutions such as Joinstr or Joinmarket, although I like Joinstr better because it does away with fee collection, coinjoin for everyone.

Joinstr offers privacy for everyone: without barriers, without extra fees, without relying on a third party, without a single point of failure. The sovereign privacy tool par excellence.

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Yes. Electrum plugin can be used on mainnet. However there is no sybil resistance added yet so avoid using untrusted relays and suspicious pools.

Yes. It can be used as an electrum plugin which does not require bitcoin core.

Mobile app for joinstr is a work in progress.

a) Transaction fees which is contributed by all the participants

b) Nostr relay fee if using a paid relay

Users can configure it and create pools based on custom denominations.


Joinstr is a free and open-source project based on Value 4 Value model and MIT licensed. If you find joinstr useful, consider zapping some sats on nostr or use the donate button or contribute in the crowdfunding campaign hosted on